Stay on Green

Our school behaviour policy is ‘Stay on Green’, which is underpinned with positive behaviour management and the restorative approach.

Gold, silver and bronze awards are given to children who demonstrate excellent learning behaviours.


Green Behaviours

Types of Rewards

Correct seating position

Following instructions

Manners and polite behaviour

Active listening

Good partner work

Praise from the teacher

Marbles in a jar for the class

Good to be Green stickers

Bronze Learning Behaviours


A good achievement in learning

e.g. a thoughtful response, a carefully completed activity, excellent partner work

Bronze sticker given to child and stuck in their book

Praise from the teacher


Silver Learning Behaviours


A very good achievement in learning

e.g. fantastic next step responses, completing a challenge, coaching a partner


Silver sticker given to child or stuck in their book

Praise from the teacher


Gold Learning Behaviours


An outstanding achievement of the week linked to learning

Improving on own learning targets

In addition to the Gold Award given to one child per week from each class; one child, across the school, will have the opportunity to receive a Gold Award in PE, Spanish, Art or Music each week.

Gold sticker given to child or stuck in their book

One Gold Award given per class each week

Work displayed in Gold Book

Gold certificate in assembly presented by teacher or senior leader


Whole class rewards

Group Points – Are given for following the Learning and Behaviour Standards and making the right choice. Classes agree a total of points that they should try and achieve, when the class hits their target a reward is picked from their green point men. Green class rewards may be a fancy dress afternoon, baking, a pyjama party, free ICT time etc.

Praise – Class celebrations: fireworks, whoop, marshmallow clap, clam clap, motorbike!

Sometimes, children do not meet our behaviour expectations. When this happens, we follow our behaviour policy to get them back on track as quickly as possible.



Blue Behaviours


Getting back to green

Fiddling, snatching

Refusal to follow instructions

Shouting at peers, calling out

Inappropriate gestures

Pushing in line

Not completing work

Firm warning

Move name to blue – reminder how to get back to green

Praise for achieving  green behaviours

Response to instructions

Completing learning again

Yellow Behaviours



Repeated blue behaviours

Shouting at an adult

Refusing to start work

10 minutes time out in class at reflection table

Adult to invite child back to learning from time out

Praise achieving green behaviours

Red Behaviours



Repeated yellow behaviours Play fighting

Running out of class

Unable to get back on green from yellow class time out

Swearing/ rude language towards children or adults

10 minutes out of class to reflect and calm down with TA or learning mentor

Teacher/TA completes incident report

Learning mentor to record on log and notify parent.

Return to learning with a TA/learning mentor and settle into lesson

Move name to green

Praise when possible


When children reach a second red this is deemed to be very serious. Parents will be notified and it will be recorded on the school’s database. Whilst the child will receive a sanction, the emphasis will always be on returning to the expected Green behaviour as quickly as possible.

2nd Red Behaviours



Repeated red behaviours

Extreme loss of control

Deliberate/extreme violence towards peers or adults – e.g. biting, kicking, stealing, picking up chairs

Prolonged periods of refusal

Extreme verbal abuse- adults or children

Bullying, racist, homophobic or sexist incidents

Member of SLG notified

SLG to decide appropriate consequence

e.g. loss of privilege, parent meeting, internal exclusion

Red logged on SIMs

Parent notified by phone call/email/in person

Resolve issue with adults involved

Apology letter

Return to learning when green

Settle into learning with TA (or LM if possible)

Praise for doing the right thing

Additional support put in place by the Inclusion Manager