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Spring 1 Gainsborough Campaigns

This year we will be working on new exciting campaigns! Please see below for what each year group is working on:


Help us!

Year 1:

How can we walk a mile a day?

Year One will be taking part in the daily mile. They are going to find inventive ways to move their bodies for a mile a day and invite other children and parents to take part.

Can you think of different ways to be more active? Can you share them with us?

Year 2:

How can we be safe in a fire?

Year Two will be learning how to prevent fires and what to do to keep safe if there is a fire. They will be promoting fire safety across the school.

Can you find out about fire safety online ?

Year 3:

How can we be safe by water?

Year Three are going to find out how to be safe around water with a particular focus on canals. We will be promoting water safety across the school.

Can you find out about water safety online using

Year 4:

How can we reduce our carbon footprint?


 Year Four are going to work hard to combat climate change by finding out how large our carbon footprint is. They are going to think of ways to reduce our carbon footprint as a school.

Can you calculate your carbon footprint on and think of ways we can reduce ours?

Year 5:

How can we decide who artefacts belong to?

Year Five will be visiting the British Museum to explore artefacts that have come from other countries. They will be debating who they belong to.

Can you find out about an artefact that might come from your culture?

Year 6:

How can we connect safely with people online?

Year Six will be looking at the pros and cons of social media and other ways in which people connect online. They will be learning how to stay safe as well as promoting this across the school.

Can you talk to your child about social media as well as staying safe online?