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Parents in Class Event

Please join us in our new ICT suite (Years 1-5) and classrooms (EYFS and Year 6) to see our children using their ICT skills in action.

We will be using ICT to complete a piece of art work in the style of Julian Opie.

The times for each class are as follows:
 Y4 Nightingales Wed 13th Sept 9am
Y4 Hummingbirds Wed 13th Sept 2.30pm
Y2 Owls Thurs 14th Sept 9am
Y2 Hawks Thurs 14th Sept 2.30pm
Y5 Skylarks Fri 15th Sept 9am
Y5 Falcons Fri 15th Sept 2.30pm
Nursery & Reception Fri 15th Sept 9am
Y6 Rooks Mon 18th Sept 9am
Y3 Robins Mon 18th Sept 2.30pm
Y6 Kestrels Tues 19th Sept 9am
Y3 Wagtails Tues 19th Sept 2.30pm
Y3 Jays Wed 20th Sept 2.30pm
Y1 Goldfinches Tues 19th Sept 9am
Y1 Chaffinches Wed 20th Sept 9am