Trips & Visits

As part of our school vision, we want our children to have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of the wonderful things that our community has to offer.

Trips and visits are planned carefully by the teaching staff and are designed to link with the children’s current learning as well as to broaden their cultural awareness. A risk assessment is carried out by the teacher before any visit takes place and adjustments are made to ensure all children are safe and included. A qualified first aider is included on every trip.


We adhere to the following ratios of staff to children when planning a trip.

Class Ratio
Nursery 1:2
Reception 1:4
Years 1 and 2 1:6
Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 1:10

We are very lucky, living in London, that there are lots of activities and places to see that are free of charge to the children. We do however, like to participate in workshops and activities that often have costs attached. In order to make these trips possible we ask that parents make a £10.00 per pupil contribution towards trip at the beginning of each academic year. This helps the school to manage the cost of trips and makes it possible for all pupils to participate in these opportunities which enhance the learning that takes place inside of the classroom.

Each academic year, the year six classes have the exciting opportunity to attend a one week residential trip to Kench Hill. Further details about this event will be distributed closer to the event.

At the end of the Autumn term we also go on an annual Pantomime trip that we ask parents to contribute to.

On trips and visits, children and adults are representing the school community. High standards of behaviour and impeccable manners are expected. Children are required to be in full school uniform and to be wearing appropriate clothing eg. rain coat if wet, sun hat if hot. Children who are not in uniform will not be allowed to attend.

Children who have not demonstrated high standards of behaviour in the time leading up to the trip, may not be able to attend. This is to ensure all children and staff are safe on visits. In the event that a child is excluded from a trip, work linked to their learning will be provided in school on the day.

Parental Involvement
Parents are actively encouraged to join us on trips and visits to share in their children’s learning. However, spaces are often limited and should be agreed with your child’s class teacher before the day of the trip. As children’s safety is our top priority, we ask that parent volunteers follow the school rules whilst out and about and refrain from smoking, talking on mobile phones or chewing gum. We are happy to provide parents with a school packed lunch and to pay any transport and admission costs for the day.

Planned Trips & Visits 2018-19
Boat Trip – Westminster to Greenwich
British Museum
City Airport
Countryside Live (Lea Valley Park)
Cutty Sark
Emirates Airline Cable Car
Greenwich Observatory
Hackney Museum
Homerton Fire Station
Houses of Parliament
Imperial War Museum
Kew Gardens
Museum of Childhood
Museum of London
Museum of London – Docklands
Museum of Transport
Natural History Museum
Olympic Park
Ragged Museum
Ridley Road Market
Tower Hamlets Nature Reserve