Early Years Foundation Stage
Early year’s education provides the building blocks for a child’s successes at primary school.

Children in the Nursery and Reception classes are provided with a wide range of opportunities to help them develop socially and intellectually by providing opportunities to learn new skills and to practice them in a safe, vibrant and happy environment. In the EYFS, children learn through playing, exploring, experimenting and talking.

Staff carefully prepare a range of learning opportunities for both indoor and outdoor learning all year round. The staff in the Nursery and Reception classes work closely together to plan a wide range of learning opportunities to meet the six areas of development.

All of our students in the EYFS are allocated a key worker with special responsibility for monitoring their learning and wellbeing throughout each day.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, we have the following number of pupil places available:

Nursery (full-time) – 26

Nursery (part-time) – 16

Reception (Cranes) – 30

Reception (Doves) – 30

Content-LongPHASESKey Stage One
At the end of a child’s Reception class year, aged five, children progress onto Key Stage One. In order to allow a smooth transition into Year 1, we aim to build on the skills, knowledge, experiences and achievements acquired in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Children in Key Stage 1 take part in daily literacy and numeracy lessons but continue to learn through a topic based approach. Due to the size of our school, each class has been designated an area within our playground. This gives children the opportunity to mix with other children of their age.

In Key Stage One, we have the following number of pupil places available:

Year 1 (Goldfinches) – 30

Year 1 (Chaffinches) – 30

Year 2 (Owls) – 30

Year 2 (Hawks) – 30

Key Stage Two
At the end of Year 2, aged seven, children make the transition into Key Stage Two. During this Key Stage, our children are taught life skills that help them to understand wider social issues such as tolerance and citizenship. All of our pupils are encouraged to take on greater responsibility for their learning and development and they are made increasingly aware of their learning goals and areas for further development.

Children in Key Stage 2 will continue to have a daily literacy and numeracy lessons and will continue to mix with the other children in their year groups during playtimes.

In Key Stage Two, we have the following number of pupil places available:

Year 3 (Wagtails) – 30

Year 3 (Jays) – 30

Year 3 (Robins) – 30

Year 4 (Nightingales) – 30

Year 4 (Hummingbirds) – 30

Year 5 (Falcons) – 30

Year 5 (Skylarks) – 30

Year 6 (Kestrels) – 30

Year 6 (Rooks) – 30


Each of the classes here at Gainsborough is named after a common household bird. Below is a list of the classes in each year group for the academic year 2017-18.

Year Group

Class Name

Teacher’s Name


Swans Mrs Jacki Hoilett


Doves Miss Jen Neuschaffer


Cranes Mrs Gazala Maljee

Year 1

Chaffinches Miss Ingrid Dickson

Year 1


Miss Rebecca Newman

Year 2

Hawks Miss Rebecca Vanderkar

Year 2

Owls Miss Eleanor Matthews

Year 3

Robins Miss Berna Sadi
Year 3 Jays

Miss Toke Ogunyanwo

Year 3 Wagtails

Ms Liz Muganga

Year 4 Hummingbirds

Miss Jess McMurrie

Year 4 Nightingales

Mrs Anita Donaldson

Year 5 Skylarks

Miss Farheen Patel

Year 5

Falcons Mr Jack Walford
Year 6 Rooks

Mrs Nergiz Bilal

Year 6 Kestrels

Mrs Libby Branscombe-Ling