Governors: Local Advisory Board

The Primary Advantage Federation has a formal governing board with representatives from all eight schools. Each school has a Local Advisory Board that meets at least four times a year and supports the Headteacher and Executive Principal in making strategic decisions that will improve outcomes for pupils. Each Local Advisory board reports to the Central Governing Board once a term. Our Local Advisory Board includes representatives from our parents, staff and community.

The Local Advisory Board meet regularly to support and challenge the school to continue to provide children with a high quality education.  They look at outcomes for all pupils at school and look at  how well our children are doing compared to children nationally.  They also receive finance reports, health and safety reports, curriculum reports and help the school to make decisions that will benefit our school community.


The Gainsborough Primary School Governing Body works with the Executive Headteacher and the school leadership team to help provide the best opportunities for all Gainsborough pupils.

The specific responsibilities of the governing body include:

  • Working with the Headteacher to set the school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

The Governing Body is made up of representatives of parents, members of staff, an appointee from the Hackney Learning Trust (HLT) and co-opted members from the local community.

We are proactively and enthusiastically involved in the life of the school and meet regularly both as a full governing body and through committees that are responsible for overseeing key areas of the school. Individual governors also act as link governors working with members of staff to focus on specific aspects of the school.

The Governors can be contacted via email on

 The current Gainsborough Local Advisory Board Governors are:


Member Statement

Link Responsibility

Business / Personal Interest Declaration (September 2018)

Attendance @ LAB 1 Meeting – Nov 18

Attendance @ LAB 2 Meeting – Feb 19

Attendance @ LAB 3 Meeting – July 19

Layla Conway
LAB Member

I have been a community governor at Gainsborough for 4 years, having been raised in Hackney, still living in Hackney (not far from the school) and working on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, I feel committed to ensuring that children in the area get access to an excellent education. I am passionate about education and the contribution it can make to a child’s progress in life and am committed to ensure that the children that leave Gainsborough have the confidence, skills, are happy and have good well-being to be able to succeed in life. I am a link governor for curriculum, community engagement and diversity all areas that I am really committed to. I am currently doing an MA Education Policy and Society and hope to use the skills I am learning on my course to assist further in my role as governor.’

Community Engagement, Equalities, Curriculum






Varda Lassman
LAB Member (Parent)

Member statement to follow  

SEND / Inclusion, Reading, Writing, Maths

To be obtained




Andrew Leckenby
LAB Member


‘I have lived in Hackney for over twenty five years.  I became a parent governor at Gainsborough in 2012, was chair of governors in the period prior to Gainsborough joining the Primary Advantage Federation and have been a member of the Gainsborough Local Advisory Board since then. I am an architect and have been a company director and leader of design organisations for over twenty years. My career has involved setting long term objectives and resolving complex logistical problems as well as taking responsibility for the day to day management of commercial companies. I believe that school governance involves working positively and enthusiastically as part of a team to help determine the strategic direction of a school.’

Safeguarding / LAC, Attendance






Gazala Maljee
LAB Member (Staff)

Staff Member






Sam Hobbs

LAB Member

‘It was through family members and friends who work in schools that I came to realise the importance of volunteers and support staff in the successful running of a school. Further discussions with governors at primary and secondary level have lead me to seeking to help in this way. After graduating in 2015, I worked for an education consultancy, where I was heavily involved in tutor recruitment, training, and outreach programmes in which we partnered with schools to support disadvantaged students. The experience I gained in recruitment, programme management and internal strategy stand me in good stead for supporting a school as a governor. I am keen to use this experience, as well as my interest in education, to support a school in the most useful way for them.’

Assessment & Marking






Frankie Vinelott
Chair of LAB






‘I have been on the board of governors for Gainsborough Primary School for 6 years and have held the position of Chair of the Finance and Resource Committee and Vice-Chair of the governing board for the last 2 years. I have a varied career, starting in the theatre before spending 4 years in Asia and Australia. This led to a degree in Japanese as a mature student followed by 3 years living and working in rural Japan in a local Board of Education. On returning to the UK, I started working in IT and for the past 15 years I have worked in the data and analytics area. I firmly believe my education has given me a foundation of opportunity, ambition, mutual respect and kindness that is essential for all children from all backgrounds.’

Health & Safety, Finance, PPG





Jo Fowler

LAB Member

‘I have worked in the education sector for over 10 years. I took up a post at Pearson and have worked in examination and assessment management since then. I am looking to take up a governor role as I believe it will enable me to have a current and authentic understanding of education in practice and I have some spare time that I would like to invest into supporting education and the community. I am passionate about education and have gained a range of experience whilst working for Pearson. I have an open and light-hearted approach, which I feel often generates the best from the people I work with. I am always excited to learn, challenge and be challenged which I feel will be a good contribution to Gainsborough’s Local Advisory board.’

Under 2s / CC EYFS





Jenna Clark

Staff Member


Indirect – Partner works for school sports organisation (Badu Sports)

Currently employed by PA Federation – Seconded from St John & St James Primary school as Executive Headteacher.