Year 6 Kench Hill Residential Visit

Year 6 at Kench Hill – November 2018

Have a look at what the Skylarks got up to at Kench Hill!






And here are the Falcons!

Monday: We arrived just in time for lunch (homemade pizza) which we all loved. It fuelled us for the long long walk through the woodland and along the stream. Thankfully, only a few of us got stuck in the mud or fell in the water!!

Tuesday: After a good night’s sleep, the boys went for an early morning run before we all tucked into a healthy and filling breakfast of cereal and toast. We’ve had some free time, played cards, played in the games room, played football and basketball…Mario even helped mow the lawn!! We’re now just about to start this morning’s activities. We’re looking forward to raft building, gardening and bread making!

Wednesday: After another early start, with one group feeding the chickens after breakfast, we were ready to take on the orienteering competition and learn how to save lives in the wilderness. We’ve just eaten a healthy lunch of wraps and salad, followed by fresh fruit for pudding and are currently writing in our journals and reading our books. The wind and rain has put our shelter building on hold, so instead, we’re going to continue to learn about animals (we met and held a guinea pig yesterday) and make some dream catchers / weaves with natural materials. If it stops raining, we may go for a ‘Night Walk’ later on…hopefully we’ll get to see some flying bats!

Thursday: We’ve had a great day at The Rare Breeds Centre, seeing lots of different animals, facing our fears, touching and petting unusual breeds. Some of us even got to be involved in the Pig Race, which was great fun and so funny to watch! Tonight we’ve got our Talent Show, so fingers crossed we will be seeing lots of talented Falcons and the judges won’t be pressing those buzzers!! 

Friday: This morning we had fun at our very own Kench Hill Olympics! We played team building activities and learnt how to cross a valley without being burnt by bubbling lava! We’re now on our way back to school with tired eyes but happy faces!