Content-SmallINFORMATIONWe know that education is most successful when parents/carers, staff and governors all work together. Parents and carers can be involved with the school community in a variety of ways. We encourage parents and carers to speak to the class teacher about any issues. We send home an annual report to parents and hold termly parents evenings to discuss your child’s progress throughout the term. We also invite parents into classes each half term to take part in class events; these activities vary from one event to another and are designed to encourage parents and pupils to work to work as a team to complete the activity.

You can also get involved in the following ways:

  • FRoGS (Friends of Gainsborough School)
  • Helping with trips and visits
  • Volunteering in class
  • Supporting with fund raising events
  • Attending curriculum evenings
  • In class half termly events

Any adult working in our school will need to complete the appropriate police checks.

The school communicates in a variety of ways including:

  • Weekly newsletters
  • Online information
  • Texting service
  • Marvellous Me app
  • Half termly class newsletters

To view Gainsborough Primary School’s Home School Agreement, please click here.

To view Marvellous Me Parent Guide, please click here.

Snow/Bad Weather and School Closure
All efforts will be made to open the school on all normal school days even when we have snow and other adverse weather conditions. If the school is not going to open due to either weather or an unforeseen event, a decision will be made by 7.30am and information posted on the school and Local Authority websites.

In the event of the school not opening parents will be kept informed via:
1. The school website.
2. Text messages will be sent (Please ensure your mobile contact details are up to date).
3. The Hackney Learning Trust website.

In the event of weather deteriorating during the day leading to closure of the school:
1. Permission for pupils to go home will be sought from parents (Please ensure your contact details are up to date).
2. Texts will be sent out to parents. (Please ensure your mobile contact details are up to date.)
3. Information will be published on the school website.

If there is an enforced closure of the school and children are unable to gain permission to go home, provision will be made to supervise those pupils until they can be collected at the end of the day.
In the event of bad weather the telephones are likely to be very busy and it is strongly recommended that you access the school website which will be regularly updated.


If anything is troubling you, we suggest that you talk to your child’s teacher. Most problems or misunderstandings can be sorted out this way. If your problem has not been solved, you can make an appointment to discuss the matter further with the Assistant Headteacher for your child’s phase.

EYFS and KS1 – Miss Sian White
Year 3 and 4 – Ms Juliet Forsyth
Year 5 and 6 – Mrs Nergiz Bilal

If further action is needed, the matter will be referred to the Deputy Headteacher, Miss Rachael Alexander-Gordon or our Executive Headteacher, Ms Jenna Clark.

If your problem remains unresolved you may wish to make a complaint, in writing, to the Chair of Governors whose contact details are as follows:

Gwen Gutzmore
Acting Chair of the Federated Governing Body
Primary Advantage
c/o Holy Trinity CE Primary School
Beechwood Road,
London E8 3DY 

Gainsborough School follows the Hackney Learning Trust complaints procedure which can be found here.