Friends of Gainsborough School

Content-WideFROGSThe FrOGS (Friends of Gainsborough) is a parent and teacher association crucial to the successful running of the school.

Chair – (rolling chair) – Varda Lassman
Treasurer – Paola de Martin
Secretary – Varda Lassman

FroGS (Friends of Gainsborough School) is your Parent Teacher Association. We organise a number of events and our primary focus is to work alongside the school providing our children with a fabulous, fun school life. We meet every Tuesday morning between 09:00 – 10:00 am. Parents have got involved for different reasons but all feel that it is a great experience:

‘It’s a nice way to get to know what is going on in your child’s school’ – Mandy

‘As a grandparent it is nice to see how things are done differently from when my son came to school and it’s nice to now have an input into what my Grandchildren are doing at school.’ – Kath (grandmother)

‘Parental involvement has a positive impact on attainment for our children, it also empowers parents, and helps to develop a sense of community.’ – Ms Carol Lewis, Family Liaison Officer

The PTA are currently focussing our fundraising efforts towards the development of a parent’s room which would be part of the new proposed school playground. So far we have raised funds through the following events:

• Halloween disco
• When I grow up disco
• Winter celebration
• Multicultural evening

We are currently planning to host a cheese and wine evening for parents and staff, and will have a stall at the summer fair in July. We have raised almost £2,000 so far. We have achieved all of this particularly because of all of your generous support. We would love more Parents to become actively involved.

Please contact either Ms Lewis or email the PTA email on: