Inclusion & Equalities

Content-WideINCLUSIONAt Gainsborough school we welcome and value all children equally irrespective of special educational need or disability. We are committed to providing equal access, for all children, to a broad and balanced social and academic curriculum, including the new National Curriculum, and to the life of the school. Children often develop at different rates throughout primary education; some will experience periods of time where they find it difficult to keep up with their peers. It is Gainsborough’s job to ensure that these children are identified and supported as quickly as possible under the Special Educational Needs System in order to maximise their attainment and progress. As a school, we are able to achieve this with the full and active involvement of all staff, parents and children.

Equalities objective for 2017-18
Our objective is to narrow to narrow the attainment gap between boy and girls in writing across the school so that boys achieve in line with girls year on year. 

Please read our Equalities Policy and Equalities Statement.