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Campaign Curriculum—Gainsborough Keeps

We have launched the Gainsborough Keeps to support our new campaign curriculum! Our Gainsborough Keeps are centred around our school motto “Excellence in everything. Always Striving.”

The Keeps represent the areas in life which we are encouraging our children to continually show excellence in, in order to support them as life-long learners and responsible citizens.

When children are rewarded for their learning behaviour, these also link clearly with one of the Keeps. Each half term we focus on one keep as a school and share examples of how we can achieve these on a day to day basis. Stickers are also given to children seen to be exhibiting behaviours that demonstrate our Gainsborough Keeps.

Keep Safe

Teaching children how to keep themselves and others safe in different areas in life such as online safety and showing safe behaviours.

Keep Healthy

Teaching children how to keep their bodies and minds healthy through social and emotional interventions, sports and healthy eating.

Keep Connected

Keeping connected with what is happening in the world around us.

Encouraging children to share their opinions and have their voice heard through campaigns organised.

Keep Giving

Working to support others to have their rights met in our community, country and around the world. Supporting different charities and organisation that will enable this.

Keep Green

To work together to look after our environment, making it a nice place for

others to live, go to school or work there.

Keep Kind

To develop strategies to manage feelings and emotions to promote positive relationships that support learning and development.

We have launched a campaign curriculum whereby the children lead exciting campaigns to bring about change in our area and our school. This term we are looking at:

Year 1 Keep Kind: How can we make our class a happy place to learn?
Year 2 Keep Healthy: How can we eat healthily at school?
Year 3 Keep Green: How can we reduce air pollution?
Year 4 Keep Kind: How can we have a bully free school?
Year 5 Keep Healthy: How can we keep our bodies healthy?
Year 6 Keep Healthy: How can we deal with stressful situations?

We will be holding workshops in Autumn 2 so watch this space!