Fireworks at Gainsborough

On Friday 4th November we will be holding a Firework display. Please arrive for 5:30pm in the main playground where there will be hot food and...


Primary Proms

On Wednesday Year 3 and Year 4 traveled to the Royal Albert Hall to see a 'Primary Proms' concert.  We listened to music performed by young...


Parents Evening

On Tuesday the 18th October and Thursday 20th October we will be holding parents evening for all classes Nursery to Year 5 . You will also be able to...


Year 5 River Thames trip

On Tuesday Year 5 took a trip down the River Thames for their  topic “Investigating Rivers” “The trip was so much fun, I really enjoyed it!...


Year 3 Trip to Countryside Live

On Wednesday our Year 3 class went on a trip to Lee Valley Countryside Live Festival.“All the children had a wonderful time on the trip they got to...

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frequently asked questions

  • 1. The Children's Centre at Gainsborough

    Gainsborough Primary School is very lucky to have it’s very own Children’s Centre attached to it. Our staff work closely to ensure that provision is consistent across all of our Early Years Foundation Stage areas.

    The Children’s Centre at Gainsborough offers a number of part-time, afternoon places for two year olds. 

    To find out more about our Children’s Centre, please click here.

  • 2. Mobile Phones

    We have a policy that no mobile phones are allowed in school. In the eventuality that your child has been given permission to walk home alone, you may wish for them to carry a phone for safety. In these instances, the school requires that these are held in the school office area until the end of the day. Children must ensure that these are dropped off in the morning and collected from the office at the end of the school day.

  • 3. Holidays

    The school cannot support parents who take holidays during the term time. However, if it is unavoidable that your child is to lose time at school for absence other than illness, please write to the Head of School requesting permission and this will be given due consideration.



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We work in partnership as a multiple teaching school alliance to deliver Initial Teacher Training, CPD, talent management and outreach to other schools – all to ensure the greatest impact on our children.